Elitist “Progressive Agenda” Dictating EPA Rules According To Emails

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Amazing what the Freedom of Information Act requests to government bring to light:

Emails between top Environmental Protection Agency officials reveal they saw their fight against global warming as putting them at “forefront of progressive national policy.”

Oh, how elitist of them.  Ideology driving policy.  And the little people have no say.

These emails, which were part of a batch obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, show what top EPA officials were thinking as the agency prepared to release its greenhouse gas endangerment finding. which would give the agency the power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from tailpipes and, eventually, from power plants.

Thinking or drooling over.  By regulating emissions from the core equipment of American life, the culture and economy themselves can be regulated.

“This is not about climate,” CEI senior fellow Chris Horner told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is the progressive agenda.”

“Our laws don’t always shine to being used as pretenses for ideological agendas; this is plainly in the name of climate, but Obama has said it is to finally make renewables profitable,” Horner added.

So there is proof that at least part of the progressive agenda is to make losing business propositions profitable?  Didn’t Mitt Romney warn us about that?  Solyndra anyone?

President Barack Obama and the EPA have also sold recent greenhouse gas emission limits on power plants as being necessary to promote green energy and essential for social justice.

Don’t poor people use gasoline and electricity the same as the rich and well off?  So long as everyone pays for what they use, how are emissions a social justice issue?  Isn’t scrubbing emissions to everyone’s benefit even if it really doesn’t cause any kind of climate change?

“The great thing about this proposal is that it really is an investment opportunity,” current EPA chief Gina McCarthy told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in July. ”This is not about pollution control.”

“It’s about increased efficiency at our plants. It’s about investment in renewables and clean energy,” she added. “It’s about investments in people’s ability to lower their electricity bills by getting good, clean, efficient appliances, homes, rental units.”

“Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” McCarthy told environmentalists on a phone conference in August. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

Hang on, hasn’t man-made climate change been debunked?  And since when are commodities “tools of social justice” to be controlled at the government level?  Who do these people think they are kidding?  It’s about profits, plain and simple.  EPA Chief Gina McCarthy admits it, and it was planned from the beginning.

“Our auto task force subgroup meeting went very well. The purpose of the meeting was to hear from EPA and DOT [Department of Transportation] on our plans for mobile sources,” Heinzerling wrote to Jackson on Feb. 27, 2009 — about 10 months before the EPA released its endangerment finding.

So, all these plans were in place when the progressives walked into office.  As the years of the Obama Administration have rolled on, the EPA has regulated one form of emissions or another in incremental fashion:

  • 2010: Light duty vehicles forced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • 2011: Medium and heavy duty vehicles forces to make emissions changes
  • 2012: More strict regulations for light duty vehicles
  • 2013: Stricter greenhouse gas emissions for new power plants

The greenhouse emission standards for power plants are now so stringent that no coal fired power plant can meet them, thus fueling the need for different forms and sources of energy.  Too bad the ones chosen by the progressives as being “renewable” are so inefficient, and unprofitable.  Killing birds and other wildlife valued by the rest of America is the price the administration is willing to pay and they have made no secret of it granting 30 year eagle kill permits to wind farms.

It should be no surprise that behind the ratcheting of tighter control by the Environmental Protection Agency is part of a progressive agenda to “transform” the United States into something much less efficient and productive.  What is interesting is that  yet another third party group was able to get their hands on the proof through a series of emails.  Either the elites are stupid for putting this in electronic form that is easily available or they believe they can get away with making what has become a basic commodity more expensive for everyone just because they can.

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