Boy Missing Four Years Found In Fake Wall


False walls, missing children, secretive neighbors. Sounds like something out of a movie but the characters in this story are real.

Four years ago, a boy went to visit his father in Florida. His mother never saw him since that day. She reported him missing to child welfare authorities but police say a report wasn’t filed with them, possibly because she had recently immigrated to the country and wasn’t familiar with the legal system.

All of that changed Saturday, when the boy was finally found and reunited with his mother.

Clayton County police in Georgia received a call Friday of a child being beaten. The occupants of the home they responded to denied knowing anything of any teenage boy. Police searched the premises but found nothing. However, just hours later, the missing child was able to get access to a phone long enough to contact his mother and tell her exactly where he was. She alerted the police. Authorities went back to the home for a second time, finding him in a false wall in the garage. All five occupants of the home were taken into custody on charges of obstruction, false imprisonment, and child cruelty. The father, 37-year-old Gregory Jean and the stepmother, 42-year-old Samantha Davis, were denied bond and are scheduled to appear in court on December 9.

Neighbors say the family had moved in about six months ago and seemed like they just wanted to keep to themselves. They said they sometimes saw the boy working in the yard, but never saw him go to school. Police said the boy was terrified when they found him but just kept repeating “thank you, thank you” as he was taken from the home.

“It shocked all of us, honestly. They were really nice people,”

one of the neighbors told local news stations.


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